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Adding default interpolations into I18n

By ayates.

Heres a quick and dirty monkeypatch for adding default Interpolations into I18n (v0.6.1).

module I18n
  class << self
    attr_accessor :default_interpolations

    def interpolate_hash_with_default_interpolations(string, values)
      values ||= {}
      values = (default_interpolations || {}).merge(values)

      interpolate_hash_without_default_interpolations(string, values)

    alias_method_chain :interpolate_hash, :default_interpolations


In my case I'm adding the defaults in using a before filter, allowing me to set a customer's currency e.g.

def set_default_interpolations
  I18n.default_interpolations = { currency: current_currency.symbol }

Splitting Rails routes into multiple files

By ayates.

I was just asked how you would split your Rails routes file into multiple files for instance in the case of having an application frontend and a set of routes serving your application's API.

Now, I have a number of applications which work this way and utilize routing constraints to determine which routes should be used but splitting them into more manageable individual files is a nice idea so, my first thought...