Learn to play Saxophone online!

By ayates

As a part of my new venture - Course Crunch - SaxCasts.com has recently launched with a library of over 70 premium Saxophone lessons including some fun to play songs, along with any backing tracks and sheet music you will need.

You can get started learning to play the Saxophone today, just head over to SaxCasts and join to take advantage of a 7-day free trial and see what they have to offer. Premium content access costs as little as £100/year or £10/month, whatever suits you and you can begin right away (if you have a saxophone of course).

Subscribe in the next 5 days (before September 10th) to take advantage of a further 90% off on your first month, just use the voucher code:


...at checkout, and you'll receive your first month's premium access for just £1! Discount applicable to the £10/month package only.