Learn to play Saxophone online!

By ayates.

As a part of my new venture - Course Crunch - has recently launched with a library of over 70 premium Saxophone lessons including some fun to play songs, along with any backing tracks and sheet music you will need.

Read more for a 90% off voucher and start learning Saxophone online right away for just £1 for your first month of premium access!

Adding default interpolations into I18n

By ayates.

Heres a quick and dirty monkeypatch for adding default Interpolations into I18n (v0.6.1).

module I18n
  class << self
    attr_accessor :default_interpolations

    def interpolate_hash_with_default_interpolations(string, values)
      values ||= {}
      values = (default_interpolations || {}).merge(values)

      interpolate_hash_without_default_interpolations(string, values)

    alias_method_chain :interpolate_hash, :default_interpolations


In my case I'm adding the defaults in using a before filter, allowing me to set a customer's currency e.g.

def set_default_interpolations
  I18n.default_interpolations = { currency: current_currency.symbol }

Splitting Rails routes into multiple files

By ayates.

I was just asked how you would split your Rails routes file into multiple files for instance in the case of having an application frontend and a set of routes serving your application's API.

Now, I have a number of applications which work this way and utilize routing constraints to determine which routes should be used but splitting them into more manageable individual files is a nice idea so, my first thought...

The new goes live!

By ayates.

Dcnet V2.5 HomeThe minor redesign and migration of from Wordpress to RefineryCMS is now complete and live, with the new video gallery for free music/saxophone lessons!

In the last three days since launch the site has already demonstrated a 350% increase in traffic. There is more work to be done here, but the relaunch is off to a good start.

Check it out if you're interested in taking up the saxophone, new lessons daily and more content to come soon.